Our ewes are the heart of our flock. We've been fortunate in having the opportunity to gather ewes from all over the country with diverse traits and bloodlines. Each ewe contributes something special to our flock. Selection criteria includes strong, well spaced horns, handspinner's fleeces, and top notch lambing and mothering skills, along with that hard to describe "Jacob Presence". You'll find dark ewes & light ewes, white ears & black ears, white legs & flashy legs, long & short fleeces, with an emphasis on a more primitive deer-like body type ..(but we have a few heavier types, too)..

Dedicated to our foundation ewe
Craft's Ruby's Belle
(Hardy Hill Leo x Puddleduck Ruby)
1995 - 2010

Always in my heart, RubyBelle's influence will always be in our flock.

Bred by: Craft's at Blufton (Iowa)
Adult Ewes
Patchwork Flair JSBA C048-13
(Broken O Melodie x Kreutzer Farms Boyd)
Moose Mtn Reina (lilac) JSBA B053-13
(Moose Mtn Mary x Kenleigh's Merlin)
bred by: Moose Mtn Ranch (Colorado)
Patchwork Elsa (lilac) JSBA C029-06
(Craft's Ruby's Belle x Jacquee's Junco)
Patchwork Badger JSBA D008-06
(lilac carrier)
(St. Jude's Janice x Jacquee's Junco)
Canoe Lake Jewel JSBA B091-14
(lilac carrier)
(Blue Ewe Blazing Star x Never Winter Octavian)
Bred by: Canoe Lake Farm (Georgia)
Patchwork Jazz JSBA D025-14
(lilac carrier)
(Patchwork Badger x Kenleigh's Casanova)
Hillside Holly (lilac) JSBA F004-08
(Jacquee's Charlayne x Hillside Lucy's Wonder)
Bred by: Hillside Farm (Michigan)
Southwind PopSecret JSBA C117-13
(Southwind Popcorn x 4Horn Farms Jacob)
bred by: Southwind Farm (New York)
Patchwork Praline (lilac) JSBA C062-14
(Patchwork Nicollette x Moose Mtn Hawk)
Patchwork Tickle (lilac) JSBA E022-14
(Sweetgrass Gavotte x Patchwork Gideon)
Perfect Spot Twilight JSBA D117-11
(Swallow Lane Tara x Sweetgrass Legend)
Bred by Perfect Spot Farm (North Carolina)
Sweetgrass Gavotte JSBA D071-11
(lilac carrier)
(Sweetgrass Harmony x Sweetgrass Peter)
bred by: Sweetgrass Farm (Michigan)

Patchwork Tempo JSBA C031-14
(lilac carrier)
(Broken O Melodie x Unzicker Abbott)
Patchwork Marabelle JSBA B030-11
(lilac carrier)
(Patchwork Martha x Unzicker Jedd)

Cold Valley Loretta (lilac) JSBA A040-12
Heindl Calypso x Cold Valley Spot
bred by: Cold Valley Farm (Wisconsin)
Patchwork Martha JSBA A054-01
(lilac carrier)
(Craft's Ruby's Belle x Yakob-Tson Zeppo)

  Yearling Ewes  
Patchwork Lisha
(Blue Ewe Alicia x Unzicker Abbott)
St. Jude's Kassie
(St. Jude's Sissy x St. Jude's Kaleb)

Patchwork Sashay JSBA D084-15
(Patchwork Sasha x Unzicker Abbott)
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